The Orient Museum

Orient Museum Is a Digital Museum to introduce MENA Region diverse cultural heritage through innovative technology and Oriental Heritage (tangible and intangible cultural heritage).

The Orient Museum is where art and technology provide a dynamic environment for visitor exploration , As part of an overall program of art interpretation and visitor outreach, The Orient Museum innovative blend of art and technology invites visitors to connect actively with the art on view through exploration and creativity. Designed for visitors of all ages, the technology interfaces aid visitors in looking at Oriental heritage  with greater depth and understanding, sparking experiences across the spectrum from close-looking to active making and sharing.

Inside the Orient Museum, you’ll have a chance to see real works of art from the museum’s collection, including historical landmarks, artifacts, and artwork across the Middle East from the Pharaohonic, Islamic, and modern day era. Users can explore Greek and Roman ruins in Alexandria, castles in Oman, and ancient ruins in Tunisia and Iraq.

Hands-on and technology-based activities give you the chance to explore these works of art like never before. Through fun games and facts, you’ll learn how works of art are made, where they come from, and why they are produced.

Our designers use a laser scanner at monuments sites and then create 3D models. It’s an open source software, so the community can develop halls for the museum, with oversight from Orient Museum.

Users experience the museum either through a desktop platform or a virtual reality headset. Users can walk through these halls, hear descriptions of the sites, and can select artwork replicas to purchase. We hope to earn profit by selling their technology to museums in the Middle East.

Orient Museum will advance tangible and intangible cultural heritage appreciation and preservation through community outreach and public education through the integration of technology and cultural arts.

Eslam AboaloFounder & CEO
Our Culture is our Pride

Our Passion

Our mission is to raise the community’s awareness of the importance of preserving our identity through the recognition of our culture, so that future generations will be proud of their history and culture so that they can continue their present with pride.

We seek :

  • To encourage the community of different groups to return to visit museums containing archaeological treasures of the past
  • Study the history of museum pieces and transfer this knowledge to their community and peers
  • Visit the archaeological sites and abandoned buildings and encourage the community to keep them from damage
  • Transferring historical and popular stories to grandchildren including the ruling narrated in important times
  • The creation of cultural activities that benefit society in solving the problems faced